Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So living in Utah is amazing!! Im having the time of my life... Im living in Orem in a apartment called Village on the Parkway.. Its really cool. i have sweet room mates that are way fun...we get along way good which is cool to have 6 guys that are all way chill... There are tons to do every night up here with BYU and UVU right by my house so there tons young single adult parties and dances to meet way cool people.My job is going AWESOME!! i could ask for it to go better. In this short time alone from all the influence that have brought me up i have learned a lot about myself and who i am. Im making so many new friends and having so many new experiences. I love every moment of it. I miss Home and will never forget where i came from but its really exciting to see where i am going and where i will end up.

Friday, August 1, 2008


So summer is almost gone!!
IT was an eventful one that even included my 21st where was i surrounded by friends and family.
Now that ive grown older  i feel the need to finally leave the nest... yes tragic i know...So im headed up to Utah where im going to continue working at Best Buy and go to school at UVU for nursing. i can hardly wait to see what this next year has in store! what new adventure will find me.. I am moving up there with friends and possibly even a mission comp so it will be a GooD TimE! cant wait!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The summer is finally here! I just finished my school and although at the time i thought my biology class would kill me.. i finished and with a not to shabby of a grade either i might add.

I decided to start the summer of right and nothing says  "school out" like an injury. i broke my hand in a football game and its killing me not being able to work out or play sports. but im getting through it.

I've been working over at Best Buy as a Customer Assistant. Its a good job for the time being, but i am actually trying to get on with Banner Baywood Hospital as a Nursing Assistant and then i can get on their nursing program and 16 months later be a certified RN.